Est. 1967

Our long history

Without a doubt, Captain Cor Keus is the most experienced tuna charter fisherman in (PEI) and one of the longest running charter companies. (over 50 years). Cor and his two sons, Bruce and Ross operate one of the best PEI tuna charters in North Lake: the Tuna Capital of the World.  While his tuna charters are aboard the North Lake Breeze, Cor is keen to break new records and currently holds world record:

  • 80 lbs test line, 1010 lbs (broken by himself)
  • 80 lbs test line, 1116 lbs (currently stands today)
  • 130 lbs test line, 1235 lbs (broken by Ken Fraser)

Captain Bruce Keus is a 3rd generation fisherman with 22 years fishing experience and 16 years as Captain.  Bruce is licensed to fish for lobster, tuna, herring, mackerel, ground fish, squid and oysters and holds a fishing master 4 ticket which is the same as a 100 ton ticket and operates lobster and tuna charters.  Bruce has worked with Brian Skerry, a diver and photographer for National Geographic Society, who has photographed many tunas, as well as Barbara Block, a California scientist who does the Tag-A-Giant Foundation, Mike Stokesbury, a scientist from Dal University and Rich Rosenetal, a diver and award-winning cinematographer.

Captain Ross Keus is a 4th generation fisherman with 25 years of experience and a 60 ton Captains Certificate. Ross is certified in First Aid & CPR, as well as Passenger carrying. In his time as Captain, Ross has worked with renowned scientist Barbara Block (Stanford) tagging tuna, and has also worked with Mike Stokesbury (Dalhousie). Apart from tuna Ross has also fished Lobster, Herring, Mackerel, Squid, Groundfish & Oyster.

Ross captains the F/V Neptuna, a 42ft with a fiberglass Provincial marine hull powered by a 430 Cummins diesel engine. It is fully equipped with up to date marine electronics, bunks, a bathroom, galley, a sunroof, an oil furnace, a microwave, a coffee maker, and plenty of seating. The F/V Neptuna is approved by Transport Canada to meet all safety requirements.

Captain Ross Keus is the eldest son of Captain Cor Keus and is married to a beautiful girl Jacalyn who’s family also has a long and successful fishing background. They have two beautiful children Jairus and Tava who no doubt have sea salt running through their veins.