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North Lake Charters invites you to book and enjoy one of our PEI tuna charters for the exclusive giant bluefin, an experience of a lifetime in the waters of North Lake, (PEI) Prince Edward Island, Canada the “Tuna Capital of the World”.  North Lake Charters is one of the longest standing charter fishing companies in all of Canada.

Captain Bruce Keus, Captain Ross Keus and their father, Cor Keus, have over 60 years combined experience  fishing for bluefin tuna. The whole family have exciting fishing tales to be told and shared.  In Prince Edward Island, the fishery has an abundance of giant Bluefin tuna and the North Lake Charters captains have been able to feed schools of these  giants right beside the boat!

North Lake Charters not only operates out of PEI but has worked with divers and scientists from all over the world, including the National Geographic Society.  One diver described his excitement as being like “a kid in a candy store” and the scientists could not believe their eyes at the number of giant Bluefin they saw.

North Lake Charters will provide you an enjoyable and memorable fishing experience.  Not only does Cor Keus have over 40 years’ of fish tales to share with you, North Lake Charters has achieved multiple  world records, which have been recognized by the International Game Fish Association (IFGA).

North Lake Charters will give you one of the best fishing opportunity to break world records and achieve the dream of catching a Giant Bluefin.  In September 2011,  aboard our boat the North Lake Breeze, while on a fishing charter from California caught and released a giant bluefin that was 133 inches long with a girth of a full 100 inches and an estimated weight of 1662 pounds.  This giant fish is still swimming free, waiting to be caught by you and claimed as a new world record. Read More